Website Check for Clarity & Certainty

There are many online tools being called "website check" allowing you to analyze your website on a technical level. But can tools perceive what your dream customers will perceive?

To new horizons

You website can more more.

In case you haven't just started with your website, but already put many hours into your contents, a website check will support the further development and completion of your website.

You book a website check to 

  • find yet unknown weaknesses.
  • overcome challenges that do slow you down.
  • realize the full potential of your website.
  • understand what you best start with.
  • perfect your website.

Every detail of your website is important and can make or break the success of your website goal.

But this isn't a question of what to add to your website in order to make your offers even more attractive. It is a question of ...

how you align your existing contents with your goal.

It isn't the quantity of what you have to offer that leads your dream customers to you. It is the way in which you communicate it.

My approach

This is how your website check looks like

Your Website Marketing begins when you actively pursue the interest to align your website with your professional goal. If you already have a website, this would be your website check.

However, your website check isn't just a list with a random set of tips that I based on my experience and taste. No.

Your website check will be checked against the subject of your profession, your website goal and your target group. So after receiving your request and the link to your website, I will first send you a short questionnaire.

Making sure that I am aware of your perspective.

After clarifying the requirements and confirming your payment to be received on my bank account, I will then have a close look at your website.

I check your website for 

  • its presentation and the general impression it gives of you and your profession.
  • its usability
  • its contents: the structure, the information and text quality, as well as for whether you thought about search engines when it comes to its frontend (presentation level).

You will receive the evaluation in a multi-page document in PDF format with additional recommendations and tips. Of course, you can ask me any questions you may have.

Service & Price

This is the worth of your website check

For this, I ask:

270 € *

* Aufgrund der Kleinunternehmerregelung nach § 19 UStG fällt keine Umsatzsteuer an.

Non-binding request

Clarity brings clear advantages.

Please use the following form to request your website check. In case you couldn't find your questions in my FAQ section, please add them as well.

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More information

Questions & answers about your website check

No, of course not. This offer only becomes binding, if you explicitly agree to it and I therefore send you the invoice. As soon as I have received your payment, I will begin with your website check.

My offer is tailored to creative professionals, them being writers, photographers, artists or professionals of another craft, for example.

Send me your request using the form above and I will answer you with a short questionnaire. After receiving your payment, I will begin to create your website check, which I then send to you as PDF document per e-mail.

The evaluation itself takes a few hours. However, receiving it will depend on your payment arriving at my bank account and my current projects. I can tell you more upon requesting your website check.

With the e-mail that you receive your website check with, I will also suggest an appointment for our Zoom call. We then set the appointment so that it works for us both.

No. If you would rather send me your questions via e-mail, I can also answer them to you there.

The payment will be processed using the bank transfer method.

I happily answer your question via e-mail.

Website Check

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