English speakers welcome

English suits you better?

No problem at all because I do speak English, too! In fact, all correspondences, collaborations and materials can be handled in English. 🙂 

Easy access to all of my website contents and resources you can attain by right-clicking the page and choosing “Translate to English.”

And if you still have questions, you can ask me anytime.

Hallo, mein Name ist Naomi, und Du besuchst gerade meinen Website-Marketing-Blog. Kann ich Dir weiterhelfen?

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Your Questions & My Answers

I am currently updating my services to better suit your needs.

The website check costs 270 €. For more prices, please message me so that I can send you my updated service and price list.

I am a writer, a WordPress webdesigner and the manager of all my family’s websites. People call me Naomi and you are welcome to do the same!


My experience in the art of websites runs deep since I have already done it back when I was 11 years old, and I have been doing it until now.


One thing that all my customers tell me is that they kept looking at their own website and that they couldn’t get enough of it. ♥

Check my latest English project here: caliexim.com

If you have ever created a cost-benefit list to make an informed decision, you know where this is going.


All that is worth saying here is that (1) you should consider the paid version for their features, if you really require the translation tool, and that (2) you must read up thoroughly on how to use it SEO-friendly – before you activate it.