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The legal notice identifies the provider of and the services advertised there (cf. Art. 5 ECG) and applies equally to all associated profiles on the social networks LinkedIn and ARTMO.

Responsible according to § 5 TMG and § 55 RStV for and its (editorial) content:
Frau Naomi Oelker, M.A. Website Content Specialist (als Freiberuflerin) für Website-Marketing & Text

Am Lustberg 19
22335 Hamburg

VAT-ID: DE815912724

Property Right Infringement

With this website, I as a provider pursue the goal of making my dream clients aware of my freelance services, to answer questions about them, and furthermore to substantiate my knowledge and experience in the form of blog posts. In no way is it in my interest and intention to violate the rights of another person.
Likewise, I do not intend to spend an unnecessarily large amount of time and money, when we want to achieve the same thing and can already reach a mutually satisfactory result in the shortest possible time and at no cost.
Therefore, I ask you to contact me immediately in case of a suspected infringement of intellectual property rights and to supplement the contact with an understandable, sufficient and appropriate explanation without incurring costs, so that I can address and examine the reported circumstance as quickly as possible.
In this way, an appropriate solution can be found at an early stage in the event of an actual infringement of property rights and implemented within the scope of the company's own possibilities.
Every request and report that reaches me in the above matters will be taken seriously by me. After all, it would be just as important to me if it were about my own rights.
More can be achieved with both of us communicating than with unnecessary costs, efforts and legal disputes.


The contents of this website were and are created to the best of our knowledge and with the utmost care.
Although I always strive to maintain the accuracy, timeliness, completeness and quality of the content provided on the website, I can not guarantee 100%.
  • By merely calling up one or more of my web pages, no contractual relationship is established between you and me. There is therefore no intention to be legally bound. What happens when you visit my website in relation to your personal data, you can find out in my Privacy Policy.
  • Please keep in mind that content and comments are written by people and therefore have subjective traces. These are the authors' own experiences and perspectives, which may differ from yours.
  • Damages resulting from the use or non-use of the content are generally not possible. Please note that none of the content on the website is obligatory for use and that none of this content replaces a corresponding professional work or service.
  • As long as you follow my instructions and try out tips, you should keep in mind that your website consists of several technical and content components and development levels. An adjustment can positively influence your website goal, but does not have to achieve it (immediately). In addition, for certain activities on and adjustments to your website, it takes a certain amount of time for significant changes to become apparent or for continuous efforts to be required.
I reserve the right to make changes to my content or to change my further procedure. This includes changing, expanding, restricting, removing, deciding whether to publish additional content, pausing for a period of time, or terminating publication for a short period of time without notice.
As far as the contributions and (linked) content of third parties are concerned, which have found their way onto this website, for example through comments, I am responsible as a provider for my own content in accordance with § 7 para. 1 TMG, but am not obliged in accordance with §§ 8 to 10 TMG to supervise communicated or stored third-party data and to follow up on indications that could indicate violations of the law. Information and data that must be removed or blocked under the general laws are not excluded from this.
The liability begins at the time when a concrete infringement is recognized. I will then immediately correct or remove the affected content.
Furthermore, I assume no liability for transmitted graphical and/or textual content by users of this website and third parties during electronic messaging (e-mail), which may infringe copyrights.


Die Inhalte von wurden mit Sorgfalt und unter hohem Zeitaufwand von mir selbst erstellt und unterliegen dem Urheberrecht ©. Jegliche Verbreitung (die nicht durch die zur Verfügung gestellten Sharing-Optionen vorgenommen wird), Vervielfältigung und Übersetzung bedarf grundsätzlich meiner schriftlichen Zustimmung.

Paraphrases and wordings (as a quotation) are only permitted with the corresponding source and with a link. The content may not be copied and distributed commercially (in modified form). Learn more in my Terms of Use.
Content that I have not created myself will be clearly marked and provided with a clear source (eg by linking). At these points, the copyrights of the authors apply. I always try to respect the copyrights of used and linked content (whether graphic, sound document, video sequence or text).
Should you nevertheless suspect violations of third-party copyrights, please contact me immediately so that I can check, correct or remove such content and information immediately.

Links to External Websites

On this website there are links to external websites of third parties, on whose content and development I have no influence and for which I can therefore not assume any liability. The responsible parties are the respective website operators.
If there is an infringement of rights on one of the websites listed on, be it inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete, illegal or harmful resulting from use or non-use, this does not fall back on, but lies solely in the responsibility of the respective operators.
External websites are only included on if no illegal content is identifiable at the time of linking or indirect reference. However, a subsequent continuous review of these websites is not sustainable without a concrete starting point.
Only after knowledge of illegal content and the technical possibility to remove such links on the website, my liability begins. If this case occurs, the respective link or reference will be removed immediately.
The involvement of a lawyer is costly and time-consuming, and I am of the best will to remedy infringements, which in any case are unintentional, on my website and within my own possibilities immediately.

Terms of Use

The contents of are basically intended for your own, non-commercial use. This means that you can make use of the information on this website to ...
  • to make a decision regarding my service offering.
  • make adjustments to your own website in your branded way.
Instead, to claim ownership of the contents of this website, to redistribute them (modified or translated) without acknowledging the source, or to use them commercially is prohibited.
  • The graphics and photos on the website serve exclusively to present my range of services and information. The extraction, further processing and distribution of these files is therefore prohibited.
  • It is permitted to use my textual content as a quotation or paraphrased with reference to the source. This source citation must refer to the full URL address of the source visibly as a text link (e.g. "What website marketing is," [...]).
  • The distribution of original content is permitted exclusively through the sharing options provided. If these options are not provided, only paraphrasing and quoting according to the above criteria is possible.
  • The comment functions are intended for expressing opinions, evaluations or similar communication needs. This voluntary information deserves respect. Therefore, disclosure to third parties or any use of this content without the knowledge of those concerned is prohibited.
I have no influence on the (non-public or off-site) consequential effects of comments and contacts by third parties (among themselves) and am accordingly not responsible for them.
As far as personal data is concerned, I recommend a look at my Privacy Policy.

Effectiveness of All Listed Points

The legal notice and all points and thoughts following the legal notice refer to the complete internet offer of as well as to the associated profiles on the social networks LinkedIn and ARTMO.
As soon as even one point or thought loses its validity because it turns out that it has become obsolete or incomplete and thus no longer meets the requirements of the currently valid legal situation, all other points and thoughts remain completely unaffected in their validity.
In addition, I reserve the right to make changes so that the information on this website is always up to date.

Open Questions

If I have forgotten any point or hint, please inform me about it via contact form or e-mail. I am always happy about suggestions and take every contact request seriously.
You may also find answers on the EU's platform for out-of-court dispute resolution. I myself am not affiliated with any dispute resolution body and am neither obligated nor willing to participate in any dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board (see § 36 VSBG).

Last updated on January 6, 2023.